Maui County Real Property Tax Info

Understanding Real Property Taxes

Tax Map Key Number

Real property is mapped and indexed numerically according to a tax map key system. Based upon legal descriptions, tax map keys identify individual pieces of property for tax purposes. All matters concerning your property should be made in reference to the tax map key.

Assessed values

Every year, properties are assessed at 100% of fee simple market value using the cost and market approaches to value. Real property taxes are calculated by multiplying assessed values less any exemptions by the appropriate tax rate. Once a year, on March 15, property owners receive an assessment notice. The notice lists the assessed value, exemptions, net taxable value and general land classification.

Classification for Tax Rate Purposes

That, in accordance with Sections 3.48.565 through 3.48.575 of the Maui County Code, the real property tax rates per one thousand dollars of net taxable assessed valuation for each class of real property, effective July 1, 2008, shall be set as follows:

Classification  Land   


A. Improved Residential  $4.85    $4.85
B. Apartment  $4.55  $4.55
C. Commercial  $6.25  $6.25
D. Industrial  $6.50  $6.50
E. Agricultural  $4.50  $4.50
F. Conservation  $4.75  $4.75
G. Hotel & Resort  $8.20  $8.20
H. Unimproved Residential  $5.35  $5.35
I. Homeowner  $2.00  $2.00
J. Time Share $14.00 $14.00

Property is classified based upon its highest and best use. Properties receiving homeowner exemptions and condominiums are exceptions. Properties which have been granted a homeowner exemption are classified as Homeowner. Condominiums are classified upon consideration of their actual use (Apartment, Commercial, Hotel / Resort, Homeowner).

If you do not agree with the assessed value or tax classification on your assessment notice, you may file an appeal with the Real Property Tax Division Board of Review or the Tax Appeal Court. There is a $50.00 fee to appeal to the Board of Review. The cost for filing an appeal with the Tax Appeal Court is 5% of the amount of taxes in dispute, but not more than $100 or less than $5.00 for each case. All appeals must be filed by April 9. Even though you have an appeal pending, you must pay all taxes by the due dates or you will be charged penalty and interest.

There are a variety of tax relief programs offered to qualifying property owners. The following are some of the most popular programs: 
HOMEOWNER EXEMPTION AND CLASSIFICATION: If you own and occupy your property as your principal residence on December 31 preceding the tax year, you are eligible for a homeowner exemption and tax rate classification. Homeowners must apply for a homeowner exemption by filing a claim form with this office.
DISABILITY EXEMPTIONS: There are a variety of disability exemptions offered to property owners. To qualify for any of these exemptions, a claim form must be filed with this office.
CIRCUIT BREAKER CREDITS: If you qualify for a homeowner exemption and your real property taxes exceed 2.5% of your adjusted gross income, you may be eligible for a circuit breaker tax credit. To apply for a credit you must file an application with our office and provide a signed copy of your federal tax return.

Tax maps may be ordered from this office either in person or through the mail. The maps cost $3.00 each plus $1.00 postage and handling per copy. 


September 1      Deadline for filing dedication petitions.
December 31      Deadline for filing circuit breaker applications for the next fiscal year.
December 31      Deadline for filing exemption claims and ownership documents.
January 1        Assessed values established for use during the next tax year.
March 15         Assessment notices mailed.
April 9            Deadline for filing appeals.
May 1            Certified assessments forwarded to the County Council for budget.
June 20         Tax rates established by the County Council.
July 1            Tax year commences.
July 20            First half of fiscal year tax bills mailed.
August 20          First half of fiscal year tax payments due.
January 20         Second half of fiscal year tax bills mailed.
February 20      Second half of fiscal year tax bills due.



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